Client Testimonials
“My name is Rafael Perez-Borroto and I’m the owner/broker of PB Homes and Real Estate, Inc. I’ve been in this business for the last 20 years and we specialize in Real Estate but, customer service has always been our primary goal. I’ve been working with Jerry and his company, Vital Home Inspections for the last 4 years and not only me but my clientele, we have been very impressed with the knowledge and service he and his team provide. When hiring this company you will feel not only protected, but educated as well through this complex process.
Looking forward to many more transactions to come…”
Rafael Perez-Borroto - PB Homes and Real Estate, Inc.

“I am purchasing a home and needed an inspection. Called Vital Home Inspections and dealt with Jerry who made an appointment with me for Saturday morning at 9:00. Jerry showed up at 8:45 and immediately started the inspection. He was very thorough, knowledgeable, professional and a real pleasure to deal with. I felt confident that he went over every item and disclosed all his concerns. I highly recommend this company!”
Sera C.

“Just used your services last week for my home buyer and I want to say that I never take the time to write good reviews, only have time for bad ones. But, you deserve the time for me to write what a great experience it was. You guys were great, on time, used top notch technology I have not seen in any home inspection, your team was fast and thorough, I got the report on time and you were honest. Can’t wait to get my next purchase going one with a crawl space so I can see the rover doing its thing ;-)  Thank you Vital!”
Lisette Junquera-Eljaiek - Real Estate Broker

“Jerry and I first met in an after hours Insurance dinner, where we exchanged business cards and started a new business relationship. In all the time that I have known Jerry he has shown that he treats his business with professionalism, I am very confident and at ease allowing Jerry to contact my customers when it comes to getting their home inspected cause I know that he and his crew will treat treat them with respect and will go out of his way to make everything go well, and that means a lot to me and my Insurance business and to my customers. Way to go Jerry and the gang at Vital Home Inspections!”
Manuel Torres - Insurance Agent

“Jerry and Vital Home Inspections are consummate professionals. If you are looking for someone that will inspect your home as if they were planning on buying it themselves, Vital Home Inspections is the company you want. Jerry is unwilling to ever step over anything. I have known Jerry now for a little over a year and know many of the people that he has helped avoid costly mistakes by discovering things about homes they were purchasing.”
Doug Barra

“Very professional he knows his stuff. Thanks to him I saved is a ton of money on my home owner’s insurance. His reports are clean and concise definitely understandable compared to other reports and I have seen. I highly recommend his services when buying a home or evaluating your current home for important information that can get you insurance discounts or hazards you may pay dearly for in the future. “
Raymond Castro

“Very professional and knowledgeable. From the trivial such as the cabinet handles to the pertinent such as the roof, his attention to detail was extraordinary. I would not consider any other inspector.”
Ruben Mijares

“Jerry is extremely professional. I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone.”
Tracey Romero

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